Rathod Parth Bhupendrakumar


Towards The Compact Development - Ahmedabad

Urban fabric is largely governed by the allowed intensity of use. Intensity can be analyzed based on land potentiality and market trends. Major transit networks with higher capacity of infrastructure makes favorable environment for compact growth. In case of Ahmedabad, the city has finger like projections along the TOD corridors and cluster development in growth centres. To promote compact growth, FSI has been increased in key high intensity zones in the core with the incentivization on Affordable housing throughout the city. Encouragement of growth through liberal zoning and organized urban form through regulations are the major component of proposal.

Report Content

Understanding the Development Plan - Review AUDA DP 2021

Existing situation analysis - Study area (AUDA)

Strength, Issues & Opportunities leads to Vision and Concept Plan

Boundary delineation, Population projection and Area requirements

Land Suitability & Potentiality and Guiding principle for DP & Concept

Transportation proposals: Road network and Public transport network

Proposed Zoning 2041 and Regulations

Key proposals

Implementation Plan: Phasing, Cost estimates and Revenue generation