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Joshi Aditi Ajay


Elements of Urban Design : People - Public - Places

The studio is a comprehensive toolkit which gives a clear understanding of the various elements of Urban Design from micro to macro level, beginning from building types to streets and open spaces which come together to form urban blocks. It helped in studying, analyzing and inferring the relationship of these elements to the surrounding context and identifying the key user groups, thereby developing a skill to look at the larger picture in public domain. Further, inducing a preliminary understanding of shaping the urban environments. The Module 1 of the studio gave an insight of adopting appropriate graphical tools for representation of the ideas to express the different places selected for the case studies, which concluded with a synthesis of the urban design elements, where we were able to compare a larger pallet of examples, both nationally and globally, for developing a comprehensive knowledge of their relationship to the built environment. The Module 2, Public Place Design helped in learning the process of identifying key potentials of a particular place and instigate a skill to revisit the place with new perspectives, which helps in enhancing the user experience. Thus, creating people friendly places. 

Report Content

Elements of Urban Design | Building Types

Elements of Urban Design | Open Spaces

Elements of Urban Design | Streets

Public Place Design | Comprehensive user group that uses the market place daily

Revitalizing Market Yard |Design Strategies and Conceptual Ideas

Revisiting the market place for its temporality

An initiative to provide additional facilities through temporal design

Reorganizing the space for equitable share of the user group

Introducing urban markers (using colour as an element) for easy navigation in the monotonous spaces

Optimizing the space utilization through temporal space design