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Samriddhi Jain


Interpreting Public Life | Elements of Urban Design

The studio of urban design is structured to focus as an introduction to urban design representation and how it can be used as a means of thinking design. The aim is the study and representation of the key urban elements in the cities. Learning effective techniques to capture and communicate the spatial qualities of the urban built environment. Module I - In module I the focus is to represent key urban elements like building types, urban blocks, streets, and public open spaces which form the meaningful character of an urban precinct. The exercise enables us to understand how each of the elements contributes to the scale, form, character, and their relationship with function and spatial organization. Module II - Involves the application of the abilities and skills developed in the I module through the preparation of a framework plan of any public place identified. The module will focus on preparing and representing site analysis, design strategies of open space, street network, urban blocks, building use, and building typology strategy. The aim is to prepare graphical drawings to communicate the key feature characteristics of an existing built urban environment with a focus on its elements and prepare a design for a given urban area, design analysis, and 3-dimensional illustration to represent the design.

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Building types

Pershing square acts as a multi-purpose area, mostly active during events.

MG Marg, Gangtok is a pedestrianized street mostly active during evening since tourists retreat to town and roam around the street.

Istiklal street, Istanbul is a pedestrianized street with tram line running in middle.

The urban block, Connaught place acts as a vibrant urban public place.

The project aims to refurbish the iconic Janpath street markets with enhanced shopping experience and explore the opportunity to feel the public place while retaining its informality and vibrancy.

Design strategies

Design Proposal

Proposed views

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