Ankita Panchratna


An Unconventional Approach for Rajkot DP 2036

The studio focused on understanding and making the development plan of three respective cities. Rajkot being one among them is a city that lies in the Saurashtra region of the state. It is a rapidly growing city that is economically Industrially dominated. But above all connectivity plays an important role in the city which lets this economy runs. The proposed DP 2036 will focus on strengthening the connectivity, mobility, and accessibility of the city, and parallelly will focus on the economic development and environmental aspects of the city.

Report Content

A brief study on Indore Development Plan 2021

Rajkot - Past and Present Scenario

Analysis of Strengths, Issues and Observations

Re-Delineation, Estimation and Vision - Steps towards Rajkot DP 2036

Attaining Connectivity, Mobility and Accessibility through Road Network Proposal

A Liberal Approach through Proposed Zoning

Urban Form - An outcome of FSI Distribution

Addressing City's Infrastructure and a step toward creating City level Interactive Space

Phasing and Costing

Studio Reflection, Learnings and Takeaways