Sakshi Saxena


Are Tomorrow's Industrial Cities Sustainable?

The development plan studio aimed at getting to know a city from a close perspective with an open mind to all the possibilities of its success and failures. Apart from understanding a city and designing for the future of another one, the question of sustainability arose as it is quite evident today. In times of today, are our Industrial cities sustainable? What can we do to make them thriving centers of Economic growth while being responsive to the environment?  This is a journey of proposing for Rajkot 2036, embracing the start from Noida's learnings.

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The Tale of a modern Industrial City - Noida

Discoveries of Rajkot

How can we make a Sustainable City?

Preparation for Rajkot 2036

Zoning Proposal for Rajkot 2036

Urban Form

What will it take to implement it on Ground?

Heritage Rejuvenation of the City

Heritage Rejuvenation of the City

Takeaways from the Two and the Studio

Project Video