Apaar Srivastava


Empowering a city through a vision - Rajkot 2036

The Development Plan Studio for spring 2021 started by studying a familiar city, which helped understand a DP's requirement and importance. Which was accompanied by a complete study of Rajkot to create a suitable Development Plan for the city. Rajkot is the 4th largest city in Gujarat and is a political and economic capital of Saurashtra region. It has industries as main economic driving force accompanied by service sectors. Through this process, the constituents of a DP, such as roads, infrastructure and development control tools along with their method of implementation for suitable outcomes were explored. 

Report Content

Understanding the Development Plan - A case study of Lucknow master plan 2031.

Learnings from the Lucknow master plan case study.

Rajkot : Existing situation analysis and urban sprawl.

Demographics, Economic growth points and the difference of East and West.

SIO, Potentiality analysis and Vision formation

Villages addition, boundary redelineation, population calculation and conceptual zoning

Proposals: DCR, Final Zoning, DP map, FSI distribution and TDR areas

Road network proposal, implementation and phasing strategy

Formalizing the informal sector : Street Vending

Costing, DP comparisons and Key Learnings