Nisha Sharma


Rajkot Development Plan 2036

The proposal for Rajkot development plan 2036 has been developed as a part of the development plan studio. The process began with first understanding the functioning of a DP, which was done by analyzing the existing DP’s of our individual cities. Following this, the process of undertaking the city of Rajkot for attempting to develop a DP began. Completed in four iterations, the process included hands-on exploration of various DP-making skills and implementation methods in order to achieve desired development. These included road network, zoning, infrastructure, and DCR, followed by the development of Special projects, phasing methodology, and resource mobilization.

Report Content

Understanding MP and Implementation on Ground - A Case Study of Mathura MP, 2021

Existing Situation Analysis - Rajkot at a Glance

Strength, Issues and Observations - Key points to Utilize, Resolve and Adapt

Development Potentiality and Projections

Vision Formulation and Concept

Proposed Road Network

Proposed Zoning

Development Control Regulations

Detailed Nodal Area Plans - Making of a Neighbourhood TOD

Infrastructure Proposals, Phasing & Costing and Key Learnings