Kriti Khetrapal


The Ecological Perspective Towards Quality of Life

Development Plan Studio 2020 focused on the preparation of the Development Plan for coming years by incorporating various elements of city functioning such as land, transport, economy,  environment and infrastructure along with some of the special projects keeping in view Rajkot's future needs and estimating their costing and implementation mechanisms. Development plan 2036 for Rajkot was prepared envisioning the ecological perspective towards the city plan for the future based on existing situation analysis. The study was carried out through site visits, primary, secondary sources and interaction with various stakeholders.

Report Content

Understanding the DP: Jabalpur Master Plan 2021

Rajkot: City Overview, History and Spatial Growth

Rajkot: Analysis of the Past Planning and SIO

Concept Development and Boundary Re-delineation : Rajkot 2036

Road Network Strategy and Proposals : Rajkot 2036

Overcoming the Issues through Land-use Zoning and Proposals : Rajkot 2036

DCR and Visualizing the Urban Form : Rajkot 2036

Infrastructure Proposals, Costing, Revenue & Implementation Mechanism

Special Proposal : Waste Management Strategies

Key Learning and Studio Reflections