Radhika Suresh


Towards a Self Sufficient Economy of Rajkot

The main objective of the Semester 2 Development Plan studio was to equip the students with the knowledge and understanding of the approach, process and complexity behind creating the development plan of a city. Started from the urban study of a familiar city, the studio focused on analyzing the existing situation of the city of study and then deriving the appropriate vision and concept for the preparation of the Development Plan. The major studio exercise was to prepare the Development plan for Rajkot. Rajkot is the fourth largest city in Gujarat having a prominent industrial character and is ranked as 22nd in the World`s fastest-growing cities and urban areas for the period of 2006 to 2020 which adds to the significance of the preparation of the Development plan of Rajkot. Our approach to the Rajkot DP 2036 is followed with an aim is to achieve a compact city through opening a limited area for development. The vision for the Development Plan is a strategic and coordinated development of the service sector with the thriving manufacturing sector to create a self-sufficient economy for Rajkot and raise the quality of life of its citizens.

Report Content

An Overview of Kottayam

Study of Kottayam Master Plan and Transect Study

Existing Situation Analysis of Rajkot

Identifying the potentials of Rajkot City

Deriving Vision and Concept for Rajkot Development Plan

Rajkot Development Plan 2036

Rajkot Development Plan Proposals

Comparison of Development Plans; Phasing, Costing and Valuation

Additional Proposal: BRTS- NMT Integration

Key Learnings and Takeaways