Anushree Surendra Harde


Towards a Sustainable City: Greening the Economy

Rajkot is the 4th largest city in Gujarat and is a political and economic capital of Saurashtra region. It has industries as main economic driving force, which also gives rise to various issues of pollution of the environment. With focus as economy and understanding  the need of  protection and conservation of environment,  a vision is formulated for the proposed 2036 DP. The Development Plan studio focuses on a holistic approach of detailing out proposals for road network and land use zoning to minimize the adverse effects of industries on the environment, further on Costing, Phasing and Implementation of the DP.

Report Content

Development Plan Case study- Learnings from Nagpur

Introducing Rajkot, Existing Situation Analysis, Economic Clusters and Growth Magnets

Strengths, Issues and Observations Leading to the Formulation of Vision for the Proposed DP-2036

Re-delineation of RUDA boundary, Population Estimation and Built-up Analysis

Road Network Analysis, Issues, Considerations and Strategies and a Proposed Road Network

Zone and Location Justification with Overall Proposed Land Use Zoning

Development Control Regulation, FSI, TDR Generating and Receiving Zones

Integrating Blue and Green Network

Phasing, Estimation and Costing and Implementation Mechanism for the Proposed DP

Comparison of Existing and Proposed DP, Key learnings and Takeaways from the Studio