Vishnupriya V


Towards Compact and Efficient Development

The Development Plan Studio was introduced with a study of the Master Plan of a familiar city, which helped understand its requirement and importance. Thereon a complete study of Rajkot was undertaken to create a suitable Development Plan for the city. Through this process, the constituents of a DP, such as roads, infrastructure and development control tools along with their method of implementation for suitable outcomes were explored. This was followed by proposals for nodal infrastructure provisions, phasing methodology and cost evaluation. 

Report Content

Understanding Development Plan - A Study of Chennai Master Plan 2026

Rajkot - Existing Situation Analysis

Analysis of Past Planning in Rajkot

Concept Development and Re-delineation - Envisioning Rajkot 2036

Connectivity - Road Network Case Study and Proposal Development

Road Network Proposal

Zoning and DCR Proposal

Density and Urban Form Outcomes & Phasing and Costing

Water Conservation Project - Addressing Crucial Concerns of Rajkot

Key Learnings