Sharma Pooja Mahesh


Elements of Urban Design Portfolio

The studio is structured as an introduction to urban design illustration and the way it's used as a method of design thinking. The premise is that urban design is best understood and expressed through study and illustration of built and unbuilt environment. Therefore the studio focuses on the study and illustration of the key urban components in cities and is structured in multiple modules running through the semester, every module culminating with an exhibition of the end result. The first module focuses on the key elements of Urban design and commuting the different parameters graphically with an in depth understanding of the interrelation between spatial context and the second module is an amalgamation of the learning and propose a design for the people and by the people. 

Report Content

Elements of Urban Design I Building Types

Elements of Urban Design I Public open space

Elements of Urban Design I Urban Blocks

Elements of Urban Design I Urban Blocks

Public Place Design | Locating and Understanding the Site

Public Place Design | Design Approach

Public Place Design | Masterplan

Public Place Design | Transformation of the Street

Public Place Design | View of the proposal

Public Place Design | Humane scale pedestrian oriented space