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Vasuk Chourasiya


GSRTC buses decentralization for decongested core

The studio of Strategic Mobility Plan for Ahmedabad was initiated with the study of the documents of Transport plans for some International cities and Indian cities to understand the mobility plans and their mechanism along with different policies which helped in the implementation of the transport plans. Due to the pandemic, the on-ground study for the existing situation of Ahmedabad was scheduled for a month. This process led to the analysis of the existing situation and household survey data. This data was useful to get the demand for 2041 through the EMME transport modeling software for different public transport services. The concept was developed on the basis of analysis and demand to make the proposals for the different types of transport services like Public transport, Regional transport bus services like GSRTC, Non-Motorised transport, and IPT services.

Report Content

Literature Review - Melbourne

Strategic Transport Plan and its Methodology and learnings from India and world

Ahmedabad - Overview

Existing Public transport and city travel characteristics

Concept for Ahmedabad 2041

GSRTC brief

Analysis & Issue identification

Immediate and Short term proposals

Long term proposal

Finance in phases and conclusion