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Pandya Mohit Bharatbhai


IPT as a Complementary Service | STP Ahmedabad - 2041

The studio aims to understand the process of preparing Strategic Transportation Plan for a city taking the case of Ahmedabad. The city is the largest in Gujarat State in terms of Population & Industrial growth as well as upcoming IT sectors. As the population and employment will increase, it is important to assess the current scenario and future potential development of the city and surrounding areas. The Strategic Transportation Plan for the city of Ahmedabad 2041 comprises of various aspects like Demography, Economy, Land use, Travel Demand, existing Road, PT, IPT networks etc. Future development strategies and proposals were made for the same for the horizon of 20 years. Considering key issues and existing scenario for Intermediate Public Transport (IPT) service, future analysis, proposals and costing were introduced. 

Report Content

Studio aim and objectives

City Profile

Focus Area Delineation | STP Ahmedabad 2041

Growth Scenario Concept | STP Ahmedabad 2041

Growth Scenario - Goals, objectives, issue identification and strategy planning

Intermediate Public Transport - Existing situation analysis

Issue Identification, public perception and strategies | IPT Ahmedabad

Proposals | IPT Ahmedabad

Costing and Analysis | IPT Ahmedabad