Kumar Kunal


N MT | deficit & provision

The Ahmedabad city in its present state is not a risk-free zone for the activities of Non-motorized transport to be held. With a percentage of 40% accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists, it becomes a concern to provide safety for the same while from the year 2015 to 2019, based on the Service level benchmarks of Ahmedabad, no changes in the LoS are observed.It will certainly be a challenge for the various agencies to configure and provide NMT infrastructure in the city where the majority of the road network already exists with high traffic volumes. The mode share also indicates the preference to walk but not much prefer to cycle. For a vision of transport strategies that will connect people to the transport network in a more sustainable way, modes of NMT are of much more importance with their short trip distances to nearby areas.

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Studio Framework

Literature Review

Connectivity & Importance

Growth & Delineation

Vision, Goals & Strategies

Why a need to look at NMT?

Existing Situation Analysis of NMT in Ahmedabad

Proposals for Improvement and provision

Proposed typical cross-sections

Change in LoS & State of Cost