Nidhi R Piludaria


Public Transport System of Ahmedabad City

The studio aimed at understanding the process of making the strategic transportation plan for Ahmedabad city 2041. Provision of urban mobility and public transport are the core city infrastructure elements. This portfolio is the culmination of processes and analyses done at various stages. The initial stage involves the learnings from the literature review of international and national case studies. Furthermore, existing situation analysis was done to study the city in different sectors such as demography, economic landuse, road, and public network to develop future development scenarios. Through the study, detailed issue identification, growth concept, and vision-led proposals were developed to define the strategic transport plan. The elements like phasing and financing of the project were also a few of our learnings. Thus a proposal for upgrading the public transport system for reduced waiting time, efficient system, and increased PT mode share was carried out.

Report Content

Studio Aim and Methodology

Ahmedabad City at a Glance

Existing Situation Analysis

Vision, Objectives and Strategies

Growth Dynamics of the City

Demand Assessment- Public Transport

Public Transport Proposal

Public Transport Proposal

Integration of Public Transport at different levels

Integration of Public Transport at different levels