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Patil Kavita Vishwanath


STP I Ahmedabad 2041I Road Network Development

The portfolio shows the studio work done during the 2nd semester of the Masters of Urban Transport System. The studio provided a detailed understanding of the strategic transportation plan and its planning process. It started by reviewing mobility plans of different Indian cities as well as International cities to understand the methodology of preparation, its linkage with other plans, institutional framework, and to analyze different proposals based on the existing situation in the city. The acts and policies were reviewed to understand the roles and responsibilities of different authorities in transport planning. Ahmedabad, the largest city of Gujarat was taken as a case city. To understand the existing situation in terms of land use, transport, and socio-economic characteristics of the city, data was collected through secondary resources. It was further analyzed to identify the present and future challenges in the city. Based on the above analysis a growth scenario was developed with a vision for a long term of 20 years. The objectives for the vision were put together to improve the overall transport system in the city. In the end, we looked into more details of the existing situation and utilized the travel demand modeling for estimating the future travel demand and analyzed its impacts on the transport system, and provided rationales for the proposals.

Report Content

Studio objectives, limitations and table of contents

Ahmedabad city overview and planning period for strategic transport plan

Growth trends in terms of spatial growth, land use, demography and economy

Travel characteristics and identifying issues in existing transport system in the city

Growth dynamics for Ahmedabad 2041 and development mobility vision

Travel demand model development for understanding future travel pattern

Issues in existing Road network and setting up a goal and objectives inline with the mobility vision for Ahmedabad

Proposal 1 : Proposed road network and sections for potential growth centers

Proposal 2 : Upgradation of existing road network and Proposal 3 : Improving connectivity across the physical barriers

Implementation strategic, costing and funding agencies