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Sarah Alexander


Strategic Transport Plan for Ahmedabad - Road Network

The portfolio represents the culmination of semester long efforts taken for the formulation of the plan. The aim of the studio to understand the process of preparing strategic transportation plan for a city taking the case of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is a city that has seen rapid growth over the years due to high employment opportunities and it is expected to grow which will result in magnified existing issues, if not taken care of. With an increase in travel demand and vehicle population, the strategic transport plan focuses to change the travel pattern by increasing the mode share of PT from 12% to 30% in the future, to facilitate sustainable transport system by improving its efficiency, and through development of complete networks. Future travel demand can be met with reduced congestion levels, while connecting the existing and upcoming activity nodes through the implementation of the proposed network and this will enhance the connectivity and accessibility of Ahmedabad. 

Report Content

City Overview

Land use and employment

Network Analysis


Network Proposal



Road Upgradation

Redevelopment of SG Highway