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Minal Harish Shetty


Strategic Transportation Plan for Ahmedabad 2041

This portfolio is a compilation of work done as part of the 2nd Semester, Master of Urban Transport System. The studio aimed in understanding the process of developing a Strategic transportation plan for the case city of Ahmedabad. The studio was divided into 2 sections. Section 1 was to define the strategic transport plan where a set of documents like CMP, CTTP, and CTS was reviewed, international case studies were referred and the involvement of various institutions and their responsibilities that would be useful in later part of the studio. In section 2 the studio started with defining the objectives, setting the horizon period, and delineating the study area for further study. Further, an existing situation like demography, regional connectivity, economy, land use, road network, public transport, non-motorized transport, parking, and road safety of the city was analyzed and key issues were identified. In the next step, an assessment was done for existing demand like travel characteristics, employment, and student enrolment through a household survey that was previously done and future scenarios were developed. The outcome of the study was used to formulate the vision, goals, and detailed strategies envisioning Ahmedabad with a better transport system in the next 20 years. The studio was concluded with an individual project that was proposed by providing justification based on the key issues impacting the transport system within the city. Finally, interventions would be developed at a different phase of the horizon period and agencies responsible for its implications.  Limitation 1. The study does not cover the freight details. 2. The household survey data and demand data is from the year 2012 and 2019 considering the current COVID situation. 3. The impact of COVID-19 is not considered for the study and the base year is taken as 2019. 

Report Content

City Introduction

Existing Road Network

Network Issues

Travel Characteristics

Spatial Growth Concept (Scenario 1)

Mobility Vision 2041

Proposed Road Network

Proposed Road Network

Phasing & Costing