Ravi Sharma


Strengthening the Public Transport System

The Studio of Strategic Urban Transport Plan for Ahmedabad began with a review of transportation plan documents for several foreign cities and Indian cities in order to recognise mobility plans and their mechanisms, as well as various policies that aided in the execution of transportation plans.  The comprehensive Study covers geographic connectivity, the city’s economic history, demography, transit connectivity and network, and numerous primary surveys such as land use survey, household, economy, public transportation, and IPT surveys. Secondary data collected from institutional and governmental bodies. This portfolio is widely focused on Public transport at the regional and city level, detailing the proposals to restrict the movement of GSRTC buses from Ahmedabad and recommend route-rationalisation for AMTS.

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Content & Abstract

Study Area Overview

GSRTC Existing Scenario

AMTS Existing Scenario

Growth Concept

Issue Identification

Proposals for GSRTC

Proposals for GSRTC

Proposals for AMTS & Fleet Management

Institutional Framework, Phasing & Funding