Tanuta Pal


TOWARDS VISION ZERO | Ahmedabad - 2041

As Ahmedabad is developing more towards higher rank of metropolitan city , road crashes is becoming more concern issue of the city. With the increasing living standards of the people,  high vehicular ownership, leads to a decline in the mode share of public transport, along with traffic congestion and road accidents. Pedestrians and two-wheeler users have emerged as the predominant affected mode users. Poor pedestrian facilities across the city remain as one of the predominant reason behind pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries. Two-wheeler users have replaced cyclists due to reduction in time. On the other hand, four wheelers became the the predominant contributor to fatalities across the city. The growing trend of cars in the city in conjunction with poor traffic regulation adherence has become a serious issue. simple measures like signalization, speed restrictions, improvement in pedestrian facilities could help in reducing the overall incidence of road crashes in the city.

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City overview

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Existing situation analysis of Road Safety

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