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Travel Demand Assessment & Modeling | Ahmedabad - 2041

The aim of the studio is to understand the process of preparing strategic transport plan through series of exercises covering literature study, existing situation analysis, concept evolution and detailing out the proposals. This portfolio highlights the existing travel characteristics, city growth dynamics based on which vision & strategies were formulated. The portfolio also discuss process of travel demand assessment for horizon year 2041 and expected traffic flows for future year using EMME model outputs. Finally the portfolio concludes with comparison of traffic flows and travel demand worked out by 3 groups and tries to find best strategic model for future.

Report Content

Preface & Contents

Studio Objective, Methodology & Limitations

Ahmedabad City Profile

Existing Road Network, Traffic Flow & Issues

Travel Pattern in the city

Future Travel Demand Assessment

City Growth Dynamics and Concept Evolution

Growth Distribution and Vision & Strategies Formulation

Proposed Road Network & Traffic Flows Output of EMME Model

Scenario Comparison of Three Groups