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Aniket Abhay Wakhare


Upgradation of Public Transport in Ahmedabad

Through the studio “Strategic Plan for Urban Transport System”, the city of Ahmedabad was analyzed through the lens of its Urban Transport character. The basic objectives of the studio are to understand the plan-making process, identification of issues and challenges regarding mobility, and develop strategic proposals to tackle these challenges. The plan-making process started by reviewing cases of different cities, understanding their regional connectivity, economics, demographics, and land use. Applying this knowledge further to Ahmedabad city, its road network, public transport, IPT, and non-motorized transport was analyzed. The studio concluded by reviewing proposals of three different groups for a strategic transport plan for Ahmedabad. This portfolio and work focus majorly on Public Transport, emphasizing the provisions of newer Mass Rapid Transit Systems, seamless transfer interchanges, Intelligent Transport Systems for increased safety and overall improvement in the serviceability of the existing system. An integrated public transport system is envisaged for Ahmedabad in 2041.  

Report Content

Introduction to the City & Study Area Characteristics

Spatial Growth & Travel Behavior

ESA for Public Transport

Growth Concept & Vision 2041

Travel Demand Assessment

Proposal for AMTS and MRT (BRTS)

Proposed MMI Hubs for Ahmedabad

Bus Fleet & ITS

Proposed PT Characteristics & Institutional Framework

Costing & Phasing for PT