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Vrinda K V


A GIANT HOME: Sense of Belonging within the Streets

The project proposes reimagination of an ungendered street of a site in Vytilla, Kochi, Kerala. The Giant Home tries to challenge the lack of sense of belongingness for women in the streets. Since the learnings from the site mappings and various literature sources reveal a strong correlation between the ability to experience leisure on the street and the perception of belongingness, the project addresses the challenge through an overall network of anchors that are interdependent on each other and together enable women to feel ownership, to seek leisure. The project thus begins to question could spaces begin to impact social behavior instead of the normally understood norm of social impacting spatial.

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Report Content

Mapping Personal Associations with a Street; Mapping Gendered Patterns on Domestic Scale

Analysis of Gendered Patterns on Street Scale

Spatial Analysis of Gendered Anchors

User Groups; Utopian Vision of an Ungendered Street

Proposed Street Scale Alterations

Reimagining the Spatial Organization of House

Reimagining the Act of Waiting

Empowering the Women Vendors

Analysis and Proposed Usage of the Designed Space

Impacts; User's Perception