Kritika Vidyashankar


Re-imagining the Daily Commute

The project proposes a curated experience for the daily women commuters at Shilaj Gam, Ahmedabad. In order to un-gender their experience with the street the critical necessity that came forward from the site analysis of gendered patterns within the private and the public realms was, how the 17 min walk could be better imagined as a pedestrian experience, and how the introduction of community spaces along this route, which cater to women’s needs for safety, access and leisure could enable each user to go beyond their socio-spatial limitations, and truly be empowered to experience the city as their own, where they belong as much as men do. 

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Mapping Personal Associations

Mapping Gendered Patterns In the House

Analysing Gendered Patterns on the Street

Analysing Spatial Patterns

Analysing Spatial Patterns

The site; Design Strategies

Design Intervention

Detailed Intervention: Community gathering space

Detailed Intervention: Grocery store