A Krisha


Stree(t) Plaza

The project proposes an ungendered reimagined street plaza in the site of Veeriyampalayam, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. This comes from the learnings of research, observations and gendered socio-spatial analysis patterns within the private realm of our individual homes to the public realms of various sites such as Kerala, Ahmedabad and Telangana. Through various exercises which were done, the findings reveal that the right to leisure in public spaces lies with men and also a relation between leisure, purpose and familiarity for women. The project aims at bringing in a spatial design intervention which would inform a new possible social structure to the site where women will be able to negotiate with the public space and own them and hence bringing in a sense of independence.

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Report Content

Mapping Personal Associations with a Street- Travelling from CEPT campus to PG

Mapping Gendered Patterns In the House

The site: Housing Board Road, Veeriyampalayam, Coimbatore

Observing and Analysing Gendered Social and Spatial Patterns on the Street

Reimagining the Street through an Utopian Vision

Gendered Problems of the User Groups- Key Design Strategies

Imagining the Everyday- Proposed Design

Redesigned Spaces Detailed drawings

Analysing the Redesigned Space with respect to the Studio Repository

Illustration showing the Everyday Activities of the Redesigned Street