Hetanshu Dilip Pandya


The Vacant Revolution

The Vacant revolution is a call for action to the people of the city, actions from collective power. It demonstrates a condition to show how these notions of conflict and contestation can be carried out to physically change and give shape to different associations people have which can be anchored into the context of the site to set in motion a larger change. 
 A City-wide reform against the existing structures of power, authority and the contemporary urban development practices. It multiplies and replicates itself to evolve the function and use with time. It provides with the basic infrastructure and tools to build, eventually envisioning a fortified mill land which holds these landscapes of the past.

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Report Content

A Vacant Revolution - manifesto

Site Analysis

Act of Insurgence

Scaffolding as a tool

Urban Strategies

Site Section - edge condition

Pilot Projects - setting up examples

Pilot Projects - Introducing form and function onto the sites

A permanent-temporary Fortress enclosing Landscape

A stage to unfold the city's dispute - building people's associations