Anushka Priyedarshi



We build cities that bring us together or push us apart. “Gated communities” are an obvious example of building to isolate, but other methods are also common. Streets that are too wide, with fast moving traffic, divide us. So do zoning codes that separate uses and housing types. Berms, buffers, setbacks, limited-access highways, and massive parking lots, when used routinely, put barriers and distance between people.The vision is to create socio-economic connections and improve public space in high dense urban environment by providing ample opportunities for social interactions and exchanges with pedestrian friendly and closed knit urban form having equitable access to goods, services and facilities. The manifesto also focuses on minimizing environmental degradation & promoting eyes on street (full of activities).Thus, creating safe, self-sustaining and minimal infrastructure to boost activity amongst the high dense towers.

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Structural Plan

Urban Condition 01

Urban Condition 02

Urban Condition 03

Comparison | Urban Condition 02 & 03

Urban Condition 04

Comparison | Urban Condition 04

Urban Condition 05

Comparison | Urban Condition 05

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