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Garima Sinha


Transit Oriented Development : Andheri West

The vision is to contain the growth on a regional level in the next 20 years. Decentralize the movement of the population and not the transit nodes in a new direction. To create a connection to the mainland (Navi Mumbai). Transit oriented development as a concept can be used efficiently around the existing and upcoming transit nodes in order to densify neighborhoods in terms of built density and population density while decongest the vehicular traffic in order to make a more pedestrian friendly neighborhood. Decentralization of central nodes.

Report Content

Chrono-matrix of Mumbai City

City Profile of Mumbai

Manifestation of the city Mumbai

Vision of the manifesto

Free vs Constraint Design of Andheri West

UC1. Relationship between Sub-arterial and open space

UC2. Relationship of built with sub-arterial and internal road network

UC3. Station road to built realm

UC4. Arterial Street Junction

Comparative Matrix.