Shah Jugal Dhimant


3-Dimensional Tied Arch Bridge

Bridge is proposed for vehicles to commute between the west and east  bank of the Sabarmati Riverfront. The Structural System adopted for proposing the design 3-Dimensional Tied Arch bridge. The design proposed is have 3 span of 225m having 75m each. The proposed bridge reflects the knitting effect of cotton work showcasing the importance of Ahmedabad which was once called the "MANCHESTER OF COTTON" in India. The structure has been designed architecturally as well as structurally including the understanding of material and from form exploration to the analysis of super-structure and sub structure with the connection detailing and Final-3D-Walkthrough.  ClickheretoviewNight-View

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Report Content


Understanding Skill of scale and proportion with help of model making and sketches

Case Study on Architect and Engineer to understand how Architect works

Site Visit and Observation

Exploring Form with help of Structural System and Context

Finalized Form

Analysis of the design in MIDAS Software

Results of Analysis and Behavioral and Governing force

Physical Model and its sections used after Analysis

Connection and Junctions

Project Video