Bamboo bridge

Studio Brief: In its simplest definition, a bridge is a structure that carries a road or railway across a river, valley, road or railway. It is only when architects and engineers understand this duality, novelty is created which can be utilitarian as well expressive. This studio will operate with the ethos of looking for the expressive qualities of a material as a medium of expression through the articulation of junctions, joineries and systems of load distribution. . Learning outcomes: After completing this studio unit, the student will: 1. Be be able to look materials for their structural as well as expressive properties 2. Will be able to resolve and articulate the joineries of the chosen material 3. Have knowledge of bridges in terms of geometry and system of load distribution. 4. Analysis, Behavioral Understanding and Design of Components

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Material details

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site analysis

staad analysis

corrected design

side elevation

3d detail

3d detail

3d detail

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