Dipen H Prajapati


Bridges: Material, Expression and Design

In its simplest definition, a bridge is a structure that carries a road or railway across a river, valley, road or railway. However, the best of the architects and engineers have always look at it as an opportunity which arises out of a need for an understanding of complexities of structural systems as well as the sensitivity of material expression. It is only when architects and engineers understand this duality, novelty is created which can be utilitarian as well expressive. This studio will operate with the ethos of looking for the expressive qualities of a material as a medium of expression through the articulation of junctions, joineries and systems of load distribution. Problem statement: The studio will focus on designing bridges exploring the expressive-ness of material and eventually the bridge itself by articulation of junctions, details and overall system of load distribution.  

Report Content

Bamboo stick model

On site survey, location - Mahatma Gandhi Mandir, Gandhinagar

Detail drawing of bridge with 3d photos.

Plan view of the bridge with Not to scale physical model

Final scale model (scale - 1:75)

Reinforcement Calculation of Pile

3d model of complete bridge in detail explaining structural systems, its components, fixing mechanism and staging

Exploded view

Enlarge junction details of various components with actual size after doing structural analysis optimization, designing system

Overview of the Bridge and composition

Project Video