Abhi Ketankumar Shah


Pedestrian Bridge Design

A bridge was proposed for the pedestrians connecting east and west bank of Sabarmati Riverfront. It is a 4-Span bridge of 200 m (50 m each). Structural System and Typology are Tied Arch and Semi-Through Deck Arch respectively. Material was the medium to express the design, where a combination of Steel, Glass and Wood was used. Sunlight was playing vital role in the design where tint glasses used on top and sides of bridge cast shadows on the deck during different time of the day. Structural Behavior of Superstructure was Analyzed. Connection detailing was an integral part of the project. 

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Project Brief

Model making and sketches were the initial exercise to develop an basic understanding of scale and proportion of different bridge components.

Case Studies were done to understand basic structural terminologies and how material is explored in a pedestrian bridge design.

Sabarmati Riverfront, which is in Ahmedabad, was visited, where landmarks, context, topography, and climatic conditions of the area was studied which will be helpful in design decisions.

Structural System and Structural Behavior was the next step in design process.

ased on structural system and bridge components 10 different forms were developed.

Once the 10 forms are developed, a form finalization process was carried out which was based on different parameters such as Function, Context, Typology and Material.

Bridge Component Analysis, along with loads assigned and reactions at supports of the bridge.

Conclusion of Superstructure Analysis along with the Utility check. Flow chart Substructure Analysis is depicted. Physical Model was prepared to identify different bridge components.

Connection detailing of different components of bridge.

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