Patel Yash Bharatbhai


The Pedestrian River Bridge Design

As a studio exercise, a pedestrian bridge is designed to be build over the river Sabarmati, Ahmedabad, connecting the west and east bank of the river. The typology of the bridge is the truss (framed) structure. The total length of the bridge is 300 meters connecting the upper promenades of both the directions (West & East) of the riverfront. The bridge has total 6 span (50 meters each). The materials used in the bridge are ETFE (polymer) for canopy, stainless steel for the super-structure and RCC for the sub-structure.   

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Report Content

Model making & sketching exercise for beginning of the studio.

Case study of identifying different components and load transfer mechanism of locally constructed bridge.

Site observation before designing of bridge.

Site observation & context identification before designing of bridge.

Exploring 10 different forms of design of super-structure of the bridge from the design context of riverfront flower park, flower petals and leaf pattern.

Choosing of 3 forms out of 10 based on practicality, concept and design context.

Out of 3 chosen forms, finalizing one form to actually work further on and detail out.

Structure Analysis

Load transfer mechanism.

Connection details of different components of the bridge.

Project Video