Patel Nidhi Sandeep


Concrete - Exploring it's Versatility

This studio was specially designed to give flexibility to concrete as a material. Concrete is always seen as material that is not flexible. Its versatility is questioned in this studio & it aimed to envision concrete as a flexible material that can be used as per needs. This studio starts with testing of basic raw material. The impact of physical & Chemical properties of material leading to changes in the mix. Also, the batching method & results interpreted helped in understanding the concrete technology available in industry. The material exploration & market survey helped us is envisioning how a technology developed in lab can be used in real time project. Studio Journey Video Link

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Report Content

1. Introduction & Modules

2. Raw Material Testing

3. Volume Batching Introduction

3. Volume Batching Learnings

4. Special Raw Materials

5. Research Paper Summary & Mix Design

6. Studio Logo Design

7. Specialty Concrete - Introduction

8. Special Concrete - Damp Proof Concrete

9. Trial, Results & Discussion