Yashashvi Anil Agrawal



 The aim of the studio was to understand concrete as a versatile material. The main objective is to enable students to identify the right grade and type of concrete for different applications and products.Floods being the most commonly occurring natural calamity in India and  Concrete is the most commonly used material in the construction field. so why not make concrete which could be used in flood-prone areas. Therefore the idea of floating came into play. A lot of research and development was done on how to make concrete's density less than water.

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Module 1 Defining Suitability Of Basic Raw Materials For Use In Concrete

Module 2: Exploring Concreting Operations Through Volume Batch Mixing

Module 3: Discovering Ingredients For Use In Concrete

Module 4: Understanding Effect Of Various Parameters On Properties Of Concrete

Module 5: Pilot Project

Module 6: Designing High Strength Concrete Mix

Module 7: Developing Special Concrete