Changlani Vinit Sunilkumar



This studio give us an opportunity to understand varied types of Cement which can be basically manipulated with different Raw Materials. This knowledge of cement made us understand its effects on Concrete and how varied types of concrete can be produced for varied applications as per requirement and different aspects of other materials like aggregates etc. having an overall impact on concrete. Using all this information I did a project on UHPC which made me realize that UHPC is Environment friendly, Durable and easily workable with Cost effectiveness.

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Modules & Overview

Module 1 - Raw Material Testing

Module 2- Volume Batching

Module 3 - Three new raw Materials used in Concrete

Module 4 - Research Work ( Role of Cement in Concrete)

Module 5 - Logo Design & Material Library

Module 6 - Mix Design

Module 7 - Research on 3 New Special Concrete

Module 8 - Special Concrete (UHPC)

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