Abhishek Vipul Bhatt


Ameliorate Mobile Structure

My structure named Ameliorate Mobile Structure, Shree Dhanvantri AAROGYA RAKSHA aim is to serve people a message for vaccination, this structure will be used as vaccination center as well Covid test center. This is deployable Structure which deploy simultaneously. Main motive is to make light as much we can and structurally stable- for that various sections including steel, Aluminum can be used. This structure can be also used as Vehicle parking, Labor Colony. It is flexible movable structure with Scissor Joint and the Telescopic Joint It is fixed from one side and will deploy accordingly. It was a great initiative.

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Report Content

Case Study of Deployable object at our Nearby Place

Market Study -Types of Bolts and its brief

Market Study - Types of Nut and its brief

Marah Pavilion - Introduction

Origami and Scissor Joint Exercise

Introduction to Final Project

Drawings of the final project

Staad Pro output - Providing material, support ,Load to th structure

Staad Pro output - Utility check and combination of load

Rendered Image of the Final Project and its importance

Project Video