Tanya Sunish Shah



This a deployable shelter roof. of 36 square meter covering and 3.5m height. This roof is developed using origami water bomb tessellation. As the last exercise of the studio deployable structures. So this structure has telescopic mechanism operated by hydraulics to deploy and undeploy the structure. square steel box sections are used for the roof and and circular hollow sections for the supports. the roof is connected wit hinges and has cloth in between to cover it. this structure was analyzed in staad and has a weight of 880kg. It can be used in parks, trellis garden etc.  

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Report Content

render views and a few applications for Crumpter.

object case study. this is a magazine rack and its movement of deployment , mechanism, material load transfer is studied.

material study of a pulley.to understand manufacturing transportation, types principle and market availability and uses of a pulley

case study gathiyarath. to understand the deployable roof of the food shop.

details for the roof

pictures of 3D model and site picture.

waterbomb tessellation and initial ideas for Crumpter

technical drawings for deployed and undeployed stages Crumpter.

3d model for joinery details and stages of deployment

Staad Analysis