Bodar Bhavadip Kantibhai



During the entire duration of this studio, deployable structures concepts and its explorations has been the main focus. In order to design and explore some structure I decided to make a Deployable Pergola . The design is based on the mechanism and the layers through which it can be deployed and for some change in construction field to come up with something new which can be useful and helpful and can be adopted in the upcoming time. And For more Information Click Here :

Report Content

Deployable Pergola Structure For Final Project

Case Study of Deployable object at our Nearby Place

Market Study - Bamboo

Market Study - Bamboo

Case Study of Deployable Structure : Deployable Container

Origami Tessellation/ Scissor Mechanism

Joinery Details

Deployable Pergola

AutoCAD Drawings of Different Stages

STAAD Analysis

Project Video