Harshit Kavadia


Furekishi Torasu- The Flexi Truss

The idea was to design a deployable roof for CEPT University Amphitheatre which can be used as rapid deploying sun Shading Structure. Sun Shading Structures improve internal environment in order to provide greater comfort for occupants. Also, later the structure was designed in such a way that it can be used at different amphitheaters for shading structure which was achieved by using telescopic columns. Also use of origami was kept in mind so the roofing shade of the structure was designed in accordion form. For full portfolio. 

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Report Content

Household Case Study- Deployable Punch Plier

Material survey- Aluminium

Structure Case Study- Push Button House

Different Deployment Stages

Exploring Origami Tessellation and Scissor Mechanism

Structure Details- Furekishi Torasu

Deployment Stages- furekishi Torasu

Different Deployment Stages- Furekishi Torasu

Staad Structure Aanlysis- Furekishi Torasu

Rendered Views of Furekishi Torasu

Project Video