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Patel Mahir Chirag


Le nid sur l'eau - A Deployable Bridge System

    The name is French for ‘the nest over water’. As the name suggests the form is derived from a bird - the Pheasant Tailed Jacana. It is inspired from two bird sitting sentry on their nest. The island houses a public space and a water level viewing gallery. The Structure is Deployable in vertical and horizontal planes. The central island supports the massive structures and the bridges that cantilever out from them. The Bridges are composed of wooden and glass decks that give the illusion of walking over water. The bridges fold in to approximately half their length in plan by the action of hinges and actuators. Then each bridge can be hoisted and lowered by the series of cables, pulleys and gears housed in the portion forming the head of the bird. Link to Structural Report Link to Studio Portfolio

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Stages of Deployment


Unit Details and Joint Mechanism

Detail Drawings

Structural Analysis & Design

General Alignment Drawing

Cable Details

Object Case Study

Structure - Case Study

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