Vaghela Pruthvirajsinh Dilavarsinh



This studio gave us a specific knowledge and learning to overcome through various structures whether its a fixed structure or a structure getting into its deployed and undeployed stage. The studio offered us explaining various topics regarding the subject with multiple exercises to imagine how our designed material and mechanism would look like and how it would act in its definite shape. The studio also helped us about locating values for specific materials with its specifications and how specific requirements change the material usage through IS codes . This studio offered us to learning through various structural problems, with which type of forces that were acting was helped to explore us by our own to learn major factors acting on it. To design any rotational, movable structure one should get through all this factors. This studio also helped us to overcome through the software, whether its a drafting software or rendering, or about designing the structure at its max strength using structural software and solutions.

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Object Study - Tripod

Market Survey - Hinges

Case Study - Car Garage

Case Study - Car Garage

Origami Tessellation and Scissor Mechanism

Final Design - Octade

Octade - Joinery Details

Octade - Stages of Deployment

Octade - Staad Analysis

Octade - Renders View

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