Ramani Manav Himanshubhai


Urdhvaga ( Deployable Staircase )

At my home there is no appropriate way to access the terrace, insted stool and table is used to reach the terrace. But the elder ones are not able to get on terrace easily, moreover it is quite difficult and risky. The intention was to design a deployable staircase for accessing the terrace. Initial intent towards design was to use straight scissor so different explorationg using angle was done. The basic idea was to undeploy the stairs manually.Click here for detailed portfolio

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Rapid Deployable Shelter Drawings and Detailing

Rapid Deployable Shelter Rendered Views and Working Model

Origami Tessellations and Scissor Mechanism

Urdhvaga Design Inspiration and Drawings

Urdhvaga Detailing

Urdhvaga Stages of Deployment

Urdhvaga Staad Analysis

Urdhvaga Rendered View

Project Video