Sharad Kumar



Analysis and design of G+13 storey residential building under gravity and lateral loads located in Bhuj.The problem statements are:1. Design given building considering it is resting on weak soil. 2. Study the behaviour of the building including deflection profile, drift, distribution of loads, member sizes etc. 3. Suggest suitable foundation for the building considering SBC =100 kN/Sqmt and depth of foundation as 2m.Design has been done following various indian standard codes and special publications.  

Report Content

Objective, Problem statement, Architectural and structural system, Static check

Earthquake and wind load calculation

Initial behaviour of frames in X and Z direction withour shear wall

Iterations performed for displacement and drift control

Displacement and inter-storey drift with shear wall (with fixed support), Frame and shear wall participation

Displacement and inter-storey drift with shear wall (with hinge support)

Final behaviour of frame-A in X-dir. with shear wall

Final behaviour of frame-2 in Z-dir. with shear wall

Dynamic seismic analysis

Raft foundation modelling and analysis in SAFE and Conclusion