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Jain Arihant Sanjay Tejaswini


G+10 Residential Building with Stiffness Irregularity

The main objective of this project was to Design & Analyze a G+10 residential building under the effect of gravity and lateral loading for zone V as per Indian standard code provisions for gravity and lateral loading and following IS 13920 for ductile detailing. The analysis and design portion were done as per the problem statement assigned: The study of the structure under stiffness irregularity and comparison of Bare Frame model with the model having infill strut 

Report Content

Problem Statement, Architectural Plan and Project Details

Understanding Problem Statement & its Codal Provisions

Iterations performed to finalize Structural System

Load Calculation & Design of Infill Strut

Iterations performed to control drift

Comparison in forces & storey displacement in Bare Frame and model with Infill Strut

Comparative Study of forces at Soft Storey level & Stiffness at soft storey & storey above

Study of change in Shear Forces and Bending moment in Column selected in Bare Frame vs With Infill Strut

Frame Participation in different structural systems & Dynamic Behaviour of Structure,

Probable Mitigation Measures & Conclusion