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Jadav Divyankshi Deepak Beena


G+13 RCC Residential Building (no internal columns)

The Building is a G+13 residential building, located in Bhuj having aspect ratio 1:4 and it was to be designed as a system having no internal columns. The Objective of the course was to analyse and design the structure for Gravity as well as Lateral loads according to the codal provisions. The behaviour of the structure varies from typical buildings as the aspect ratio is 1:4 and the same was to be studied too. The analysis was done using Staadpro software, design and detailing was done manually.

Report Content

Problem Statement, Architectural Plan and Finalized Structural System

Load Calculation

Findings from Research papers

Arriving at the Final Structural System

Final System and its Behaviour under Applied loads

Behaviour of Structure

Behaviour of Strcture

Results of Dynamic Analysis

Other Possibilities of Structural System