Aditya Agrawal



As a part of studio objection, a Pavilion had to be designed using a structural system. My structural system was FOLDED PLATES. I designed a performance pavilion with a cafeteria and lounge space. The main design intent of this design is playing with levels and connecting spaces using ramps. One structure is completely sunk into the ground and another one is half above the ground. These two spaces are connected with a ramp which itself is used as an interactive space. Analysis was done of all the structural elements on STAAD pro and architectural plus structural drawings were prepared.

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Report Content

Prototype model and Structural case study

Architectural case study and Design iterations

Concept diagrams, Site model and Plans

Sections and Zoning diagrams

Exploded view, Rendered views, and Circulation diagrams

Manual analysis of RCC frame

Analysis and drawings of cafeteria beams and slab

Analysis and drawings of pavilion beams and folded plates

Analysis and drawings of columns and foundations

Project Video