Divya Mullick



HVAC Lab was an introduction to Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The studio focused on indoor environmental parameters such as indoor air quality, heating and cooling systems. In the first half, we focused on understanding theoretical principals and hands-on with instruments for measuring the parameters of HVAC system. The second half was on building simulation to design its HVAC system. The aim was to optimize energy consumption by combining Natural ventilation , Mixed Mode and Air Conditioning of the building. Later we assessed the thermal comfort of each space with thermal comfort standards. 

Report Content


ERV System: Measurement & Experimentation

ERV System: Balancing & Effectiveness

HVAC Schematic

HVAC Simulation: Climate Analysis

HVAC Simulation: Natural Ventilation

HVAC Simulation: Mixed Mode

HVAC Simulation: Chiller Optimization

HVAC Simulation: Performance Analysis

Application & Learning