Priyanka K Raman



The HVAC Lab helps in understanding the principles of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning through theoretical concepts, practices and hands-on experimentations. The portfolio includes the evaluation of the HVAC system schematics and proposing a measurement plan, live case study on the HVAC system present in a building and determining the airtightness of a room using a Blower Door apparatus. The simulation module includes optimizing the HVAC system for reducing Energy Performance Index (EPI) of a building without compromising the occupant comfort.

Report Content

HVAC System Schematic: Layout

HVAC System Schematic: M & E Plan

HVAC System Schematic: M & E Plan

HVAC System Study

M & E Blower Door: Set Up

M & E Blower Door: Analysis

HVAC System Simulation: Climate Analysis

HVAC System Simulation: Optimization

HVAC System Simulation: Comfort Analysis

HVAC System Simulation: Consumption Analysis